I would like to know more about this course

Anatomy 4 FRCR is a live online teaching course designed to help candidates revise for the First FRCR Part 1 Anatomy examination. The course has been split into four modules and includes Neuro/Head & Neck, Cardio-Thoracic/Vascular, GI/GU and MSK Anatomy. The course content has been developed by a group of UK based Radiologists. Each module is divided into a Question Session and a Discussion Session. Session are held at weekends and can be attempted from the comfort of your home

What happens during the Question Session?

Registered candidates will be shown 100 individual Anatomy images covering the sub specialty. It last for 60 minutes and will be delivered via a Webinar session. The questions shown during the course are very similar to actual examination. Candidates will write down their answers on the answer sheet provided. As this is a live presentation, candidates will not be able to go back and look at questions (which is possible during the actual examination)

What happens during the Discussion Session?

The discussion session follows the Question Session and is dedicated to discussing the answers in detail. Candidates who have registered to take the Hot Seat (see below) will be able to give out their answers to individual questions and the Faculty will critique the answers. The Faculty will also point out other important and relevant structures or show the same structure in a different orthogonal plane or modality. Candidates will mark their own answers. Candidates who have opted for the Back Seat (see below) option will not be able to discuss their answers but will be able to listen to all the discussions

What is the difference between “Hot Seat” and “Back Seat”?

Candidates have the option of registering for the ‘Hot Seat option during the registration process. It gives them the opportunity to present and discuss their answers during the live Discussion Session. There is no extra charge for this but is limited to the first 10 registered candidates and each candidate can answer 10 questions. Please ensure you tick this option and add it to the cart before completing your registration. Candidates taking up this option are encouraged to use a headphone. All other candidates will take the ‘Back Seat. They will be able to listen to all the discussions but will not be able to present their answers live

Can you tell me more about a Webinar session

Registered candidates will be sent a link to www.gotomeeting.com by email 48 hours before the start of the session. This mail will contain a link to the session and candidates will be asked to register for the session . They will receive a confirmation mail from Webinar. Candidates have the option of linking this confirmation to their online Calendar. You will be able to join the Webinar session from this link either from the email page or from Calendar. It is a safe and secure website. Please add the email address of Anatomy4FRCR and GoToWebinar to the safe list on your contact page to ensure all mails goes to the Inbox folder and not Junk. More details are provided in the LINKS page

Should I attempt all four modules

Ideally candidates should attempt all four modules. However, the course allows the flexibility of attending specific subspecialty(ies) session. This option is useful if you have been unsuccessful in previous attempts at the examination and would like to revise specific topics

How can I register for this course?

Registration is simple and safe using our secure website ( Please see Security Policy). This is done via the Register page and you will be redirected to PayPal website. The registration fee is £15 per session and has been kept low as our motivation is to teach and share our knowledge & experience. There is a robust refund policy. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more details